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Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

I’m about to share with you an insane but true shocking secret, how both newbies and pro’s are making an insane amount of automatic income using video...

You see, less than a year ago, I decided to open my WSOs to affiliates and generated $121,438.15 in my first year of Using Warrior Plus.

Video Review Master ScreenShot

I Was Shocked! Some Of My TOP-DOG Affiliates Were Making VERY SIMPLE Amateur VIDEO REVIEWS
On YouTube - Generating Hundreds Of SALES!!

What I noticed was that a large number of my affiliates were secretly generating their sales by making super amateur video reviews of my products - and sending people to my offers - using video via their affiliate links...

..these “underground video review makers” were sending me sales, day in and day out - almost 100% on autopilot!

Once I noticed what was going on - I had to get my piece of the action! So I decided to start making simple little videos of other people’s products, and the results were just incredible!!

Here are some screenshots of promoting other people’s products by making video reviews:

I Decided To Jump In And Start
Creating Video Reviews

** The Result **

Video Review Results

Real Screenshots From One
Successful Video Review Campaigns

Video Review Master Earnings

You See...

Over the past several years sneaky “AMATEUR’ Internet Marketers have been secretly piling up hordes of money from simple little video reviews of other people's product...

With This Knowledge - ANYONE Can TAP Into This Power Video Review Market And CASH-In On This Incredible CASH-COW Starting Immediately!

They’ve secretly been raking in the dollars making quick and easy video reviews that generate instant affiliate commission paydays over and over and over again...!

Money Going Directly INTO PayPal Account!

Here’s what’s going on;

(...that you may have not been fully aware of..)

“Some People Are Not Going To Be Too Happy
With What I am About To Expose To You..”

New products get launched every day, and the very second a product is launched - review videos are published about the product generating an instant income stream that pays over and over again!

..Instead of doing affiliate marketing the “old way” - smart newbies and seasoned Internet Marketers are waking up to the incredible opportunity to use video to drive traffic to affiliate offers...

Each new video review generates an instant income stream ready to pay over and over and over again - Money on Autopilot from One Single Video!


The BAD Looking Amateur Videos Often Make More Money Than The Professional Looking Ones!

The crazy thing is, whether people make shockingly terrible videos - or stunning professional videos they both have one thing in common... they BOTH have the potential to turn into a CASH-GENERATING fully AUTOMATIC Income Stream that pays you OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN!

What if you could use existing YouTube videos and convert them into fully automatic video income streams...

(Let me introduce my latest secret weapon...)

Video Review Master Arrow

Video Review Master Software

Now You Can Use Ready Made YouTube Videos And Turn Them Into Cash-Cow SLAVES Generating Affiliate Commissions For You Day And Night!

Video Review Master is a software program that you run on your website. It allows you to choose any sharable YouTube video and convert that video into an instant mini income stream
with your affiliate link

It basically allows you to cash-in on this amazing YouTube video marketing opportunity without making a single video!

Now You Can Literally Sit Back While
“Ready Made” YouTube Videos Pump Cash
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To setup a Video Review Master income stream, you just need to complete 3 simple steps:

Video Review Master Admin Panel

Video Review Master Admin

Once you’ve setup your Video Review Master, you can submit it to your Facebook page, link your blog or website to it, and even get it ranking on Google for any keyword you choose - turn it into automatic income that pays you over and over and over again.

Let’s take a look at how we quickly and easily do this inside the Video Review Master software.

Video Review Master Arrow

As you can see above, there are a range of different features you can activate inside the Video Review Master. These extra features have been added to enable to you use the software in multiple different ways and maximize converting videos into income streams.

Let’s take a look at some of the things Video Review Master will do for you:

To Setup Video Review Master on your site, all you need is a domain name and hosting account!

You Can Easily Add The Video Review Master Software Onto Your Existing Site!

You do not need a seperate domain name just for your Video Review Master, you can use your existing domain name and just plug in The Video Review Master to your existing site!

The Video Review Master is NOT a WordPress Plugin - Which makes it more efficient and is able to run faster and is more robust.

"my first day I made $ 220"


Just an amazing tool. On my first day I made $ 220 using it in affiliate sales of their products. Many thanks to the creators.



"I really love the Video Review
Master (VRM) because it helped
me make my first $ online!"

Hi Matthew,

I really love the Video Review Master (VRM)
because it helped me make my first $ online!

Yes it finally happened and it was the VRM that became the final piece of the great puzzle that is Internet marketing.

Fantastic product that I can't recommend highly enough!

I am a newbie and it was a cinch to set up.

P.S Can't wait for the wiki blog update!

Thanks heaps mate!

Brian Savic

Brian Savic
NSW Australia

"Video Review Master is so easy to manage and I’ve already made some money using it in my niche."

Hi Matt, thanks again for Video Review Master!!

I honestly think Video Review Master is the easiest software to set up and I got wonderful results within a few clicks.

My first site looked great and I’m still amazed at how simple it is to work with. I love the fact that I can start and stop any video where ever I choose for maximum results and leave out the unwanted beginning or ending.

Video Review Master is so easy to manage and I’ve already made some money using it in my niche.

I’ve found there’s so much flexibility with this software and I’m finding new things all the time.

And I love Matt’s tutorials…so helpful!

Thanks again Matt for a high quality product that virtually anyone can master. I’m looking forward to your future products so please keep me posted, eh?

Schalk Zeeman

Terry Clark
Wheeling, WV
United States

"I've spent a lot of money (elsewhere) trying to find
a program to do exactly
what VRM does"

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd drop you a line to say how great I think you new Video Review Master is. I've spent a lot of money (elsewhere) trying to find a program to do exactly what VRM does.

I found it very easy to set up my first video bearing in mind I'm no wizard when it comes to doing this type of thing.

When I asked if it was possible to have multiple feeds on one site (not available at launch) my answer was an update to do exactly this, WOW.

In the couple of weeks that I've owned the program I've contacted VRM a couple of times for help and received very quick responses especially considering the time difference.

All together I think this is a brilliant product which I'm sure will grow into something truly spectacular, and as Matt says "get it at the ridiculously low price" while you still can.

Best for the future.



Derek Weedon,
United Kingdom

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